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Disconnect Wi-Fi Autoconnect Bug Could Allow Access To Your Smartphone

A new bug has been discovered that impacts both Android and iOS devices. If you use a smartphone that contains Broadcom Wi-Fi chips, and you probably do, the newly discovered exploit allows ...

CopyCat Malware Taking Android Devices By Storm

Researchers at the security firm Check Point have uncovered a new strain of malware they’re calling CopyCat that has taken the internet by storm, infecting millions of Android devices in South and ...

Some Intel Processors Could Crash Systems With Hyperthreading Enabled

If you’re using a machine with a Skylake or Kaby Lake Intel processor, you should know that under certain conditions, it may be prone to crashing if hyperthreading is enabled. The problem ...

Why Do Ransomware Attacks Continue To Rise?

The total number of ransomware attacks has seen a massive spike, with nearly 50 percent more attacks against PCs occurring this year than last year. In the same time period, ransomware attacks ...

Social Media Data Helping To Predict Violent Threats

A new study conducted by Cardiff University provides some insights about the power of social media that are both surprising and completely expected in the same moment. The study focused on Twitter ...

New Vulnerability Found In Skype That Could Allow Hackers Access

If you’re one of the millions of Skype users around the world, check to see what version you’re using. If you haven’t upgraded to the latest build, you’re at risk. Recently, a ...

New Survey Shows Alarming Trends In Cybersecurity For Businesses

A new survey released by Guidance Software reveals some disturbing trends about the state of cyber security. The survey asked 330 IT and digital security professionals questions about cyber-attacks and their impact ...

Microsoft Releasing Feature To Help With Malicious Files Like Ransomware

Microsoft recently announced a new change coming to Windows Defender in the fall called “Controlled Folder Access.” As the company describes the feature, it should enable Windows Defender to prevent files in ...

New Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Can Detect Blood Flow And Heartbeat

Qualcomm has recently announced the release of their next-generation fingerprint biometric technology for mobile devices, and on its face, it seems to be a significant improvement. The problem that the current generation ...

Google Gets Huge Fine From EU For Manipulating Search Results

Google is in trouble with the EU. This is nothing new. The search engine giant has been fighting an ongoing battle with the European Union for a number of years now over ...


Since we began working with Mark Lewandowski we have had great peace of mind knowing our computers, network systems and business information are safe. Mark has worked with us as we have grown, supporting us every step of the way, from strategic advice to day-to-day support. Mark has a great sense of humor and can translate tech-speak into comprehensible language. He has worked carefully to understand the unique needs of our business and created innovative and cost–effective solutions.

Director of Operations, TRACOM Group
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars

There are terrific, smart engineers out there. And there are great consultants. Rarely however do you get both. Mark Lewandowski is one of those rarities. His ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues while also understanding the bigger picture and impact on his customer's business is truly exceptional. More than that, Mark's penchant for translating very technical issues into language non-technical people can understand made him as valuable an asset as we've ever had.

COO, Business Network Consulting
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars

My company was at a point where we needed to make a change in our IT services, but we are not large enough to afford an in-house IT professional. I received Mark’s contact information through a mutual business relationship. I met with Mark, as well as several other IT providers, and Riverfront Technologies was the easy choice. Mark understood my needs, and jumped right in as a partner from the very beginning. He has been extremely professional, but also afforded us the individual attention we have needed as we have grown and updated our processes. His availability and response time has been stellar, and he clearly is a true partner in our business strategy. I would highly recommend Riverfront Technologies to anyone looking for a qualified, cutting-edge Information Technology provider.

CFO, Austin Countertops
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars


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At Riverfront Technology Consulting, we provide IT consulting, managed support services and cloud solutions to small and midsize businesses. Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage – increased productivity and profitability – by aligning business goals with the right technology, working proactively to minimize downtime and making employees as efficient as possible.