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Bashware Is A Major Concern For Windows 10 PCs

If you haven’t heard the term “Bashware,” you’re not alone, but in the weeks and months ahead, you can bet you’ll be hearing more about it. The reason? Recently, Microsoft rolled out ...

New MicroSD Card Can Hold Up To 400GB Of Data

Technophiles rejoice! SanDisk has just announced a new 400GB microSD card, which is good news for just about everyone. Let’s face it, even if you’re not a technophile, you probably hate the ...

Latin Social Network Taringa Breach Could Affect 28 Million Users

A highly popular Latin social media company called “Taringa” recently suffered a massive data breach that impacted some 28 million users, which is essentially its entire user base. The breach revealed two ...

Recent CCleaner Hack Could Have Spread Malware To Millions

You’ve probably heard of the popular app, “CCleaner.” Owned by Avast, this handy utility boasts more than two billion downloads and currently has more than two million active users. As the name ...

Massive Pacemaker Recall Over Hacking Threat

The FDA recently issued a recall order on nearly half a million pacemakers that have serious security flaws. They could allow hackers to take control of them, run their batteries dry or ...

Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities In Bluetooth Could Affect Your Devices

If you haven’t heard of the “BlueBorne” attack vector yet, you probably will in the months ahead It’s perhaps one of the most invasive, pervasive attack vectors in the history of the ...

HIPAA Compliance, Enforcement Top Priority For New Agency Head

Roger Severino is a man on a mission. If you’re not familiar with the name, and your company has to comply with HIPAA regulations, then you’ll probably be hearing a lot about ...

Google Has Found A Way To Increase Internet Speed

Google has taken up the task of making the internet faster, not by installing thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, but rather, with math. The big brains in Google’s engineering department ...

Hackers May Have Gained Instagram Users’ Info Through Mobile Bug

A group of hackers recently bragged about having obtained the personal details of some six million Instagram users, including a number of A-list celebrities that include the likes of Adele, David Beckham ...

New Android App Allows Anyone To Create Ransomware

There’s a new Android app to be aware of. This one allows anyone, even without any technical skills, to create ransomware, in a matter of minutes. It’s a menu-driven system that automates ...


Since we began working with Mark Lewandowski we have had great peace of mind knowing our computers, network systems and business information are safe. Mark has worked with us as we have grown, supporting us every step of the way, from strategic advice to day-to-day support. Mark has a great sense of humor and can translate tech-speak into comprehensible language. He has worked carefully to understand the unique needs of our business and created innovative and cost–effective solutions.

Director of Operations, TRACOM Group
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars

There are terrific, smart engineers out there. And there are great consultants. Rarely however do you get both. Mark Lewandowski is one of those rarities. His ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues while also understanding the bigger picture and impact on his customer's business is truly exceptional. More than that, Mark's penchant for translating very technical issues into language non-technical people can understand made him as valuable an asset as we've ever had.

COO, Business Network Consulting
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars

My company was at a point where we needed to make a change in our IT services, but we are not large enough to afford an in-house IT professional. I received Mark’s contact information through a mutual business relationship. I met with Mark, as well as several other IT providers, and Riverfront Technologies was the easy choice. Mark understood my needs, and jumped right in as a partner from the very beginning. He has been extremely professional, but also afforded us the individual attention we have needed as we have grown and updated our processes. His availability and response time has been stellar, and he clearly is a true partner in our business strategy. I would highly recommend Riverfront Technologies to anyone looking for a qualified, cutting-edge Information Technology provider.

CFO, Austin Countertops
Riverfront Technology Consulting
5 / 5 stars


Riverfront Technology Consulting

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At Riverfront Technology Consulting, we provide IT consulting, managed support services and cloud solutions to small and midsize businesses. Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage – increased productivity and profitability – by aligning business goals with the right technology, working proactively to minimize downtime and making employees as efficient as possible.